Travellers cafe in central Copenhagen


Café Globen is a traveller’s café, which primarily offers our guests experiences in a broad sense. Experiences in the travellers’ diverse world, such as travel stories and speeches, a global range of drinks and a unique travellers’ atmosphere. As a guest at Cafe Globen, You will  feel greatly inspired by the travel life’s breathtaking world and be able to report on your own travels for an audience being hungry for more travels. Café Globen is a natural gathering place for those who have a curiosity for foreign adventure – but  if you are only interested in experiencing quality products from menu in the bar you are equally welcome.


Café Globens bartenders are all working on a voluntary basis. Nearly all of the bartenders area member of The Travellers Club of Denmark (De Berejstes Klub, DBK), so they will often be able to provide guests on the way to an exotic destination with tips – alternatively they can arrange contact with a well-travelled person who can help you.



Travel talks are – with the exception of the very hottest summer time –being held every Thursday at 19:00. The talks will be given by  DBK’s many experienced lecturers and other experienced globetrotters, several of which are full-and semi-professional writers and / or photographers. Due to the speakers’ often unconventional travel desires the lectures will rarely cover “ordinary” destinations like Ibiza or Mallorca, but rather Afghanistan, Tibet, Bolivia and the Falkland Islands. On the other days of the week there is an opportunity to experience lectures given by the travel industry, when travel agents talk about their products. Travel lectures have a commercial character, and therefore the lectures frequently contain both interesting reports as  well as content-rich travel information. Whatever activity is going on at the café, they will be posted on our calendar in advance so you will be inspired out of the ordinary. It’s smart to go to calendar of this website and see what the month has to offer. You can also choose to sign up for our newsletter


In addition to travel lectures, Café Globen also arranges many events, such as carnival, Christmas parties, wine tastings, rum tastings and beer tastings. For the rum tastings, we have invited “Rom Thomsen”, who is probably the largest rum expert in Denmark. One of our  key events is the October Party  , where we build a party mood like in Munich with giant beers and lots of food.

Follow this website where there are constantly new events – or even better yet sign up for the weekly newsletter.


The product range at Café Globen reflects the exciting world we travel in. We are trying to find quality products from different corners of the world where people with nostalgia in mind can sit and enjoy a world-class rum:  For example Guatemala (Ron Zapaca – 23 years) and Peru (MILLONARIO – 15 years); a breath of fresh air from Brazil in the form of a 6 cl. Caipirinha – or any other drink from our drinks menu. However, if you are aglobal tea enthusiast there is the opportunity to try our freshly harvested tea from the best plantations in the world, for example. jasmin pearl tea, Chinese cranberry tea, Indian chai tea. Even the coffee beans are world class, as we use quality products from our supplier, “Kontra Kaffe” for our coffee products such as Café Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, etc. Kontra Kaffe is at the top of the nice end of the quality scale in coffee.

Also the list of beers represents the diverse world, and whether you are a beer enthusiast or well-travelled beer-freak you are sure to find something interesting beer in our beer range. Our philosophy is: “to have relatively many different types of beer from relatively many different countries and continents.” Usually we have around. 30 different beers spread over approx. 15 different types of beer – in other words, there is enough to challenge your taste buds.

We do not sell food, but we are in the middle of a minefield of international take-away restaurants, which offer  worldwide cuisine: Tacos from Latin America; Sushi, Thai and Indian cuisines from Asia; Pizzas from Europe; Arab delicacies from Africa – and Danish food from Restaurant Turesen. The concept is called “Bring your own food” where you can bring your own food to Café Globen – and of course you are also welcome to bring your grandmother’s meatballs.


Literature on all over the world such as exotic travelogues and guidebooks are available in the café’s “book chapters” in which The Travellers Club magazine -GLOBEN – Denmark’s wildest travel magazine stand side by side with stories and guides such. Lonely Planet and Rough Guide, etc.

Furthermore a free wireless network (WiFi) is available in the cafe, so you can always go online with your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Café Globen was established in 2005 as a travellers café of almost 50 members of “The Travellers Klub of Denmark (DBK)” who bought shares of 1000 DKK in the newly established Cafe Globen Ltd. Today, Café Globen has more than 100 shareholders. The premises we moved into was an old motorcycle driving school, so there was no bar or toilets on site, but in turn there was painted fanciful drawings of motorcycles on the walls. A major restoration work was initiated where the floors were replaced, walls and ceilings were painted, the bar and the kitchen were built and we established toilets. In addition came the installation of the technical necessities like draft beer, espresso machine and stereo, and finally – 11th March 2005 –Café Globen could open the doors to our guests. Since the opening day, the café continuously been improved – recently with air conditioning and a new kitchen. – A development that will continuously go on. The world never stands still – and that does Café Globen either.