Health and nutrition in Mongolia

tirsdag, d. 5. juni 2018 - kl. 19:00


Sain bainuu everyone!

We (Rebecca and Marlene) are Global Nutrition and Health students and got the chance to go to Mongolia for our internship.

Our time in Mongolia was filled with surprises, challenges, amazing encounters and lovely people.

We got welcomed in the Capital Ulaanbaatar with temperature between -30 and -40 during day time,
as well as an horrendous air pollution.

The first month we stayed in the capital and interned at the national centre for public health of Mongolia. There we got a great insight in what the countries
health challenges are and how the Mongolian office life looks like.
For the second part of our internship we had to move downwards into the Gobi Desert to a small city called Sainshand.

Here it definitely felt more like what we expected Mongolia to be. We spent time at different institutions such as schools, kindergartens, the health department, the medical university and gave
predominantly presentations about health promotion. Spending time in those institutions was great and taught us a lot. However equally interesting was it to live a daily life in this very different culture and country and connect with locals.

We are looking forward to sharing our experiences, impressions and insight we got during our time we had in Mongolia.

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