Couchsurfing Tuesday

tirsdag, d. 3. maj 2016 - kl. 19:30

Please join us for a very fun, cosy evening where you will be able to enjoy some good company, good drinks and of course lots new connections on a Tuesday night!

Come meet new, old and potential CS members, bring a friend, chat, share travel stories and CS tips, socialize, and of course strengthen our lovely CS network!
It doesn’t matter if you are a local CS’er, a surfer or just passing through and happen to be in Copenhagen, come and join us! All members (and friends) are welcome.

How to find us?: ask at the bar and you will be directed to the right table or simply look for familiar faces
Hosts: Bring your surfers!
Surfers: Bring your hosts!
And don’t forget to bring yourself and some friends! (The more the merrier!!)

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