How to Travel 60-90 Days a Year – Even if You Work Full Time

tirsdag, d. 23. februar 2016 - kl. 18:00

Mario Scian – only 29 – has traveled to 97 different countries while keeping jobs at companies such as Maersk and Carlsberg. In this presentation, you’ll hear the exact, step-by-step framework he has used to go to places such as Japan, Uzbekistan, Bolivia and Zimbabwe – all while he worked 9-5.

It’s a whole new world. You too can travel 60-90 days a year, every year, without quitting your job and without putting your career at risk.

I’ve most of the material online already, you can check it out for free here (you might need to sign up, but it’s a 100% free coupon).

The talk will be in english.