Supporters Of All 4 U.S President Candidates In A Debate

søndag, d. 11. september 2016 - kl. 14:00

Supporters of U.S. President Candidates Gary Johnson from the Libertarian Party, Donald Trump from the Republican party, Jill Stein from the Green Party and Hillary Clinton from the Democratic Party will have one supporter for each candidate participating in this maybe heated at times debate.

Cafe Globen is the host venue and Christian Bastlund will be the moderator. All the participants in this debate are American citizens and so is the moderator but since the policies of the the next U.S president has  worldwide impact everyone is welcome to attend and ask questions!

 Some practical matters…. Not all the participants in this debate are set in stone supporters of the candidates they are supporting in this debate. One or two debaters are playing devils advocate for the purpose of this debate so please no bashing the candidate supporters and a civil tone will be greatly appreciated.

ATTENDING THIS DEBATE IS FREE!! Cafe Globen has a wide range of nice Micro Brew beers for purchase.  See you all at the debate. IT IS GOING TO BE HUGE! Please be on time at 14.00 so we ca start the debate ontime!!