The Windsled Project and a 4300km Circumnavigation of the Greenland Icecap

tirsdag, d. 24. oktober 2017 - kl. 17:30

IN ENGLISH: A peak into the world of arctic expeditions onboard a remarkable vehicle “The Windsled” .

Tales from two expeditions on the Greenland Icecap a 4300km Circumnavigation and a 1900km crossing over the icecap summit that I (Karin Moe Bojsen) was lucky to participate in.
These expeditions are a part of the Inuit Windsled Project, lead and invented by spanish explorer Ramon Larramendi. A unique project that enables clean and low cost exploration of Greenland and Antarctic Icecaps.
The Windsled is an adaption of a Inuit dogsled, and allows to build sleds as wide and long as it is needed carrying up to 2 tonne. The sled is driven by a kites up to 80 m2 sailing with average speed of 15 km/h going up to more than 50 km/h.
The Windsled have on 9 expeditions since the beginning 1999 travelled more than 20.000km in Antarctica and Greenland.
Windsled project web:
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