Above 8000 meters – Manaslu solo climb

torsdag, d. 28. oktober 2021 - kl. 19:00

In English

Is it possible to climb solo 8000-meter mountain in commercial Himalayas? Where does the magnetism of the eight thousand come from? Where is the border between passion and obsession? We will try to find answers to these questions during the meeting with Łukasz Kocewiak, who climbed Manaslu solo. Łukasz will also talk about the project „8 Solo” as an alternative to the Seven Summits, that is, an interesting path to develop a passion for the mountains.

AUTHOR: Łukasz Kocewiak – traveler and climber. Author of the mountain-travel book „Aconcagua. In the shadow of the Snow Sentinel”.

Organizer of alpine expeditions to the Himalayas, Pamir, Hindu Kush. For more than ten years he has been running with passion the popular travel blog Travel Cards.

The passion for traveling, photography and the mountains combine in a harmonious way and push him consistently to run more and more interesting projects. For many years he has been climbing high mountains around the world. He has completed projects such as: an off-road trip through the Sahara desert and the Gobi desert; 16ooo km by train through Asia; expeditions to Lenin Peak, Denali, Matterhorn, Aconcagua, Noshaq, Manaslu. He climbed the last four on his own as part of the “8 Solo” project.