After Workshop Forró & Samba De Gafeira at Globen

lørdag, d. 18. juni 2022 - kl. 20:00

After two days of workshops with Pam and Victinho in Forró & Samba De Gafeira (see more) we’ll celebrate with a joint party in café Globen. Come and join us whether you attended the workshops or not (though you should!  )
We will have a communal dinner at 18.30 with food from the Brazilian Cafe Selva – more info coming ASAP.
Dance floor opens at 20.00
Free entrance for participants of the workshop!

50 kr. Admission (with one drink included)
40 kr. Admission for members of Forró Copenhague (with one drink included)
Note; Payment is only possible with credit card
We encourage you to support Cafe Globen by purchasing drinks.