New free international quiz

tirsdag, d. 4. august 2020 – kl. 17:00

NEW QUIZZZZ. This Thursday we repeat a succes and invite the guests of our traveler’s café for a free international pub quiz about the world. There will be several rounds including random facts, music and much more from various countries. The quiz is set to start at 19.00 and expected to last a couple of hours. Due to rules regarding COVID-19 we have a limited amount of space and a maximum of 20 guests. Therefore, we made a limit of maximum four participants per team.

Remember you are welcome to bring your own food to Café Globen. We are located in the middle of a minefield of international take-away restaurants, which offer worldwide cuisine: Tacos from Latin America; Sushi, Thai and Indian cuisines from Asia; Pizzas from Europe; Arab delicacies from Africa – and Danish food from Restaurant Turesen – and of course you are also welcome to bring your grandmother’s meatballs.

We are looking forward to greeting you once again and see who has the greatest knowledge about the world!